Booking Terms and Cancellation Policies for STANDARD and GROUP RESERVATIONs*

The Bradley Boulder Inn is a small, independent property and short-notice of cancellations can be extremely challenging for us to absorb and recover, therefore, the maximum number of rooms one individual or group may reserve per day or per total stay and still be eligible for our standard 7-day cancellation terms, is limited to two rooms, as described below under the Cancellation Policy for Standard Reservations.

(*A reservation of 3 or more rooms held per day per individual party, business or organization on a single day or consecutive days) is considered a Group Reservation. See cancellation policy for group reservations below.

Booking Terms and Cancellation Policies differ for Whole House Reservations, also as described below.

Cancellation Policy for STANDARD Reservations (1-2 rooms)*

# of Room Reservations permitted per individual: 1-2 rooms (not to exceed 10 total room nights to still be eligible for 7-day cancellation terms).
Terms: Rooms are booked based on availability. Rooms are charged at 7-days in advance of check-in date or at time of your actual check in. Please bring VISA, Mastercard or American Express. Cash and personal checks are not accepted.
7-Day Cancellation Policy: Cancellation notification must be in writing (to avoid confusion, we require all cancellations be submitted by email to, cancellations made by phone and/or left on The Bradley’s voice mail cannot be acknowledged or accepted) and advanced notice of 7-days prior to check-in is required to avoid a cancellation penalty of one night per each reservation.. If we are able to re-rent the room, we will refund the penalty charge.
* (This policy does not pertain to premium dates such as CU Graduation, Ironman, some CU Football Weekends, etc. which require advance deposits and have 30 day cancellation policies.)


# of Room Reservations permitted per individual 3-8 rooms.
Terms: To reserve a block of up to 3-8 rooms per day during the months of April through October, a deposit of one room night per each reservation is charged at time of booking to secure the room block.
Refund of Initial Deposit: Should you need to cancel or adjust the number of rooms, this deposit may be modified or refunded up to 30 days prior to check-in. In the event of cancellation prior to 30 days, an administrative fee of $25 per room is withheld from the returned deposit. Inside of 30 days all deposit monies are forfeited if rooms are cancelled.
Balance Due: 100% of the Remaining balance due will be charged within 30 days prior to check in. Once balance due is charged, monies are not refundable should you cancel, unless we are able to re-rent the rooms. If rooms are re-rented, an administrative fee of $25 per room will be withheld from returned monies.


Terms: Whole House Reservations (9 rooms or more) that are booked during the months of April through October, must be secured with a deposit at time of booking equal to one night plus one day of the daily premium due for a whole house rental.
Refund of Initial Deposit: This deposit is refundable up to 60 days prior to check-in. In the case of a cancellation inside of 60 days these deposit monies paid are forfeited.
Balance Due: The remaining balance due plus remaining whole house premium will be charged at 30 days and once charged, all monies are non-refundable, unless we are able to re-rent the rooms. If we are able to re-rent the rooms, the amount of one day of the daily premium will be withheld to cover administrative costs.


Early Departures:While we sympathize with unforeseen circumstances, once you have checked in, the room is no longer available to rent and therefore no refunds will be given should you need to depart early, unless we are able to re-rent your room(s).
No-Shows: If you have a confirmed reservation and you do not arrive, we will consider that to be a No-Show and you will be charged for the total amount of the reservation, unless we are able to rent some part of it. No-Shows will be charged for ALL reserved dates.
Redemption of Gift Certificatess: Gift Certificates towards your reservation may require a balance due, so a credit card must be guarantee of the registration and these reservations are subject to all cancellation policies.
Visitors: Please respect that services are for registered guests only. We are not able to serve alcohol to persons not registered as guests of The Bradley Boulder Inn (and we cannot serve alcohol to anyone who is a guest but is not of legal drinking age).

All Group Reservations Must be booked directly through our Group Sales department. Please Click button below to fill out Meeting Request information or send a detailed email to or call 303.545.5200 and leave detailed message for Group Reservations. You will be contact within one business day.